I have always believed that if God is in it, it shall be accomplished (Isaiah 46:9-11). And the word of God had taught us that God has a plan for each of us.  So, there is no doubt that His plan for us will be accomplished. “The Lord will work out his plans for my life – for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever” – Psalm 138:8b(NLT). In our youth we should work very hard to determine what God’s plan for us is, because once we set our feet on that path, the God who made the plan will be sure to accomplish it.  God orchestrates all the events in our lives to lead eventually to the accomplishment of His good plan for us.  So, it is important that as we live our lives, we make sure that God is in all the plans we make. 

How do we make sure God is in our plans?  We do this by making sure that God is the basis of all our thoughts and actions.  As a young person, for most of us, the last thing we think about is God or His plans for us.  There are so many things that tend to take us away from God.  There are so many things that Satan himself has packaged and made to look so attractive that tend to draw us away from God. As young people we also deal with peer pressure.  There are lots of kids who don’t know a whole lot because of little experience but pretend to know everything and use their lack of knowledge to lead other kids astray with bravado.  Then there are those teachers who should not really be teaching anyone because they have acquired the wrong kind of knowledge, but they take joy in continuing to propagate their misleading knowledge.  We can however deal with all of these by making sure that we find God and find him early in our lives.  Truth be told, some folks will miss their ways early in life because they need that experience to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.  Ultimately, the only way we can reach our God-set goal or achieve God’s purpose for us is to find God.  Roman’s 8:28 says “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”.  This is to say, if you find God, and you love God, everything, including when you miss your way, will work together for your good.

On this note, I congratulate all those who are graduating or have graduated this year.  What you have just accomplished is part of God’s plan for you.  You have not reached the bus stop yet.  You are still in transit and God is still working out His plan for you.  It is however a good time to pause and think.  Have I found God?  Do I love God?  Remember that everything will work for the good of those who love God.  Remember also that God is able to finish everything that He starts (Philippians 1:6).  You have just finished a phase of the necessary steps to be what God wants you to be.  Right now, you are not what you ought to be. You are only a fraction of what you will be. But God says, “That is okay. I am taking my time working on you. Keep moving on.  Do not be afraid to take new steps, but make sure I am in your plans.  For every step you take will eventually work for your good if I am in them.  Take every step with purpose and confident assurance that I shall finish what I began.”  That is God’s word for you as you move into new phases and challenges of life.

I know many of us have dreams we want to achieve, and that is good.  You must however remember that God’s purpose for us reaches far beyond what we can dream. No matter how great our dreams are, God’s purpose for us is even greater.  So, as we dream our great dreams, make sure God is the basis of all those dreams.  His purpose is bigger than ours and His plan gets accomplished no matter the storm that develops along the way.   Only God fulfills His purpose, not us.  And as you move forward, do not forget Apostle Paul’s admonition about “Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead” – Philippians 3:13b (NLT).  Your accomplishment now is great, but it only serves as a springboard for what you are yet to achieve.  The road is long, the road can be rough, but one thing is certain, the one that made the plan for you lives forever and He is always there to keep you moving.  Acknowledge God in all you do, and He will surely direct your paths (Proverbs 3:16).  Even when you feel you are not up to the plans, remember that every time the Lord looks at us, He sees great potential. He sees great potential to fulfill the purpose He has set before us.  He wants us to look at ourselves and see that same great potential even in our weakness.  Be inspired, be encouraged, and know fully well that He has given us that grace to finish whatever we start as long as He is in it.  May the Lord guide you and place your feet on the right path.

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