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No Joking With His Words

The journey of life is full of many unknowns for the children of God.  Many will go to any length in order to have the ability of predicting what tomorrow holds.  Interestingly, because we know not what tomorrow brings, we act foolishly many times. Many times, I personally look back on my life history and just shake my head in astonishment at the many foolish things I have done.  Some of these things continue to show me the power in…

Sovereign God And The Mystery Of Disasters

It is hurricane season and, of course, it is that time to wonder why we have natural disasters.  No matter how many times I have convinced myself not to bother, each time a natural disaster occurs, I cannot but bother and wonder.  These feelings are compounded when we add the fact that some innocent folks get cut down senselessly by some deranged folks through mass shootings in the United States and folks in South Africa being killed by some miscreants…

He Has The Whole World In His Hands

Many of us who attended Sunday School as little kids grew up singing the song “He’s got the whole world in His hands” – a very melodious tune that has the capability of taking over one’s mind completely.  Even now, as old as I am, I cannot help myself each time I remember the song.  I find myself humming the tune beneath my breath for days at a stretch.  I sleep humming and I wake up humming.  The downside is…

I'm New Here

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Journey to Miracle

“We continued to love each other through the difficult days”

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