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He Knows My Name

One interesting phenomenon I have come to observe, both as a Christian and as a Church leader, is the level at which we are always seeking for something.  Yes, people are always in search of something. Either we are searching for healing, or we are searching for wealth, or we are searching for fame. Some folks are in search of a partner or in search of a job.  We are all always looking for something. This has made many folks…

Those Who Know Their God

I have come across several Christians, and not many of them, me inclusive, can vouch or say without fear that they indeed know God.  And it is not that we do not know God, it is that we do not know Him the way we need to know Him.  For example, I find that the kind of things I often think about are those things that Apostle Paul referred to as “dung” (Philippians 3:8).  Our preoccupation many times have to…

Renewing To Be Transformed

It has been a pleasantly revealing time of knowing God better, for us at Christ International Community Church (CICC), this year.  I say it is pleasant because I have personally enjoyed every moment of it. There is also no doubt that it has been revealing as God continues to show us a little more about Himself through the revelation of His words.  It has been a time of revival as many of us have woken up in the realization that…

I'm New Here

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Journey to Miracle

“We continued to love each other through the difficult days”

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