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Still on the Goodness of God

The more one thinks about the goodness of God, the more questions tend to pop up in one’s mind.  Last week, we said even amid all the evil in the world, our God remains a good God. How do we know this?  Because the Bible tells us so. Yes, most of the things we know about God is what the Bible tells us. Then there are those things that the Spirit of God living in us also tells us.  God…

Malawi Mission Trip

Malawi Mission Trip On July 24th, 5 members at CICC will be travailing with African Christian Fellowship Midwest Region for a 10 day mission trip. The Malawi Mission trips are a unique and wonderful experience to help lift up those in need in the villages of Malawi by providing medical assistance, stable schooling for local children, and ministry outreach. You can donate to three different funds, described below:  Please visit the ACF Malawi Mission Trip page to learn more.

The Goodness of God in a Cruel World

One of the most difficult things to convince a believer about is the goodness of God.  They do not even wait too long before they challenge you that if God were good, why is there so much evil in the world.  An obviously good question. So, we must go there, if God were good, why is there so much evil in the world? There is an age-old dilemma that we as Christians always have to deal with.  If God is…

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