He Watches Over Us

He Watches Over Us

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I get excited when God fulfills His words in the most practical ways.  It is not often that one can feel, touch, or smell when God moves if you do not follow in the Spirit.  When God decides to show His ways in a manifestly clear manner, it is like God coming to earth in human form.  Yes, it is like experiencing Jesus Christ in the flesh all over again. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in some fancy theological ideas that become too deep or so esoteric that it is difficult to relate with them.  Yet, if our desire is to walk in the way of the Lord, then the way of the Lord must be made very clear to us.  I am one who believes when God says He will watch over us, that is precisely what He intends to do.  The word of God says, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalms 91:11).  Satan tried to exploit this in his encounter with our Lord, Jesus, in the wilderness. It is God’s word and when He says it, He fulfills it, but it must come from Him.  I had two experiences this past week, well, within eight days of each other that just confirms to me in every way that when God says it, He does it.

Last Tuesday, I was in my home office working when I felt the need to stretch my legs.  This happened around 10:30am, which is very unusual.  My usual leg stretch routine is around 11am.  In any case, I did a short routine and decided to use the bathroom, to avoid the need to get up again within a short time.  As I marched on to my bedroom, just two steps to the door, I noticed something on the floor right across the passageway extending fully from the left extreme of the corridor to the right extreme.  To cut a long story short, after I flicked on the light, I discovered there was a huge snake right in front of the door to my bedroom.  All hell broke loose in my house because my family personifies the enmity the Lord placed between the serpent and man in Genesis 3:15. None of us can stand snakes.  That is however not the point.  Can you imagine if I did not get up at the time I did?  Can you imagine if the Spirit did not direct me to look at the floor?  My daughter’s room is next to mine; her door was ajar and that was the direction the snake was headed. What if the snake went in there?  There were many other questions? I thought about all these and I was pretty sure my getting up at the time I did, and even noticing the snake was all part of God’s orchestration to keep His words that His angels will guard us in all our ways.

The second experience again confirms God’s words but in a profoundly different way.  We have this unwanted privilege of living amongst trees in our home.  So, each time there is a significant storm, we are mostly inside praying that if any tree must fall, let it fall away from the house.  God has been faithful in that regards.  This last Wednesday, one of our neighbors showed up in our house to help with our little garden.  He called my wife and asked that she moves our car so he can work freely. Well she did and moved it about 30 feet away.  The guy insisted she must move it another 30 feet, so she did.  We then left to walk/jog only to get caught up in a fierce storm.  Well, by the time we came back we saw a huge tree smack in the middle of our driveway in front of our garage precisely where our car was moved from.  I looked at it and immediately concluded that this is another guardian angel episode.  Why did this guy show up in our house the same day the storm showed up?  Why did he insist the car must be moved way back?  How come the tree landed exactly where the car would have been?  There is only one answer I can get to these series of questions, and that is – He will command His angels concerning us to guard us in all our ways.

People of God, God will do what he says He will do, but we must also do what He asks us to do.   Our part is to surrender completely to His will.  Our part is to focus on Him and His purpose for us.  When it comes to the issues that beset us daily, God’s part is to take care of us.  That is the promise He made to us and He is righteous enough to fulfill it.  You see, when we surrender our lives completely to Jesus, He watches over us, He takes care of us, and He orchestrates everything that concerns us in His perfect and impeccable timing.  His word in Psalms 121:7-8 says, “The Lord will keep you from all harm — he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”  And so, shall it be, because He is always true to His words. — Pastor Simbo Odunaiya