Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers, expectant mothers, future mothers, and the nurturing mothers out there.

As a mother, the song that comes to my mind today is “When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done for me, my very soul shall shout hallelujah, praise God for saving me”. A mother might sing this song coming out of a trial, witnessing what the Lord had done for her through the years; seeing how their children were birthed, taking baby steps, going through the primitive years, graduating from grade school to high school, and moving on to college and beyond. It could also be from the excitement and fear of watching them as they drive, get a job and be independent, the joy of seeing your child or children getting married and starting their own family or the anxiety of empty-nest syndrome. The satisfaction that comes with knowing that one had contributed to the sustainment of the society can also well up “unspeakable” joy in our hearts that manifests in a song. It is a testimony to the faithfulness of God and the strength He has given us in our efforts to be the mother that the Lord has called us to be.

A mother wears so many hats. She is a chef making sure food is prepared and sumptuous for everyone; then the medical personnel caring for the sick in the family and prescribing those ancient concoctions and remedies that heal; other times a prayer warrior who intercedes for the family through fasting and prayer; and when the occasion calls for it, a seamstress, always fixing and mending those “holly” shirts, buttons, pants, and the list goes on. What can we say about mothers? They are outstanding tutors and counselors, who are vast in all topics and can communicate in all conversations presented to them especially in different languages: eye roll, open mouth, body gesture etc., when it is time to discipline their children.

Mothers are God-sent, they are virtuous women, women of integrity and full of love. Thank you, for all you do and continue to do. May the faith and spirit of Eunice and Lois in 2 Timothy:1-5 be upon us. The scriptures referred to these two godly women in the Bible who helped groom Timothy.  It is a lesson in how influential we are, as mothers, and our influence matters not only to our children but also to every child that comes our way.  As we continue to play our God-given role, let us also remember to show respect to one another; even a small child deserves to be respected; that is how we change the child’s view of the world. The same way Eunice and Lois were influential in shaping Timothy, and he became a mouthpiece for the Lord, let us also help shape our generations and the generation to come to be outstanding and be able to stand blameless before the Father. Whatever you do, do in love. Be it praying, comforting, giving a helping hand, or simply smiling. We are communicating something.

I thank the good Lord for all mothers and pray that God’s love will continue to wax strong among us. On this blessed day set apart for us mothers, I pray that the good Lord will continue to bless us all and strengthen us. May He make His face to shine upon us and lift up His countenance upon us and give us His everlasting peace. May our prayers according to the will of the Lord on our families be answered speedily, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen. Again, I wish each and every one of us a Happy Mothers’ Day. Enjoy your day.

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