It is yet another time to be thankful.  Yes, every time we have the opportunity, we must always spend time showing our gratitude to our God most high.  Considering what the whole world has been going through since November 2019, it should be a habit for us now to daily lift our voices in prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord.  Every day now is a day seen only by His grace.  There is that song that goes “Every time I feel the Spirit moving in my heart, I will pray” which some of us prefer to sing as “Every time I feel the Spirit moving in my heart, I will praise Him”.  And that should always be the spirit for us because only the living can praise the Lord.

Whenever we feel the Spirit of God moving us, it is positive proof that we are still counted amongst the living, and it means we can still praise the Lord.  Every time we feel the Spirit of God moving in us, we know that whatever our fears may be, we still have the grace to overcome them.  Every time we feel the Spirit moving in us, we know the opportunity is still there to fulfill those dreams we have been having but are not fulfilled yet.  Every time we feel the Spirit moving in us, it is confirmation to us yet again that His compassion fails not, they are new every morning.  We serve a God that deserves our gratitude because He is a great God.

The Spirit of God moving within us is a stark reminder that we are not all we think we are.  It is a reminder that our powers as humans are limited.  It is a reminder that there is one who controls our body and Spirit and does not need our permission to do what He does.  You see, we go to bed at night because our body just gives up and we really find out we need to lay ourselves down to rest.  Then suddenly, the Spirit moves within us in the morning, and we rise to do whatever we do again. Then night comes, and it is time to shut off again.  It has nothing to do with what we do or what we do not do.  Whenever we go to bed we are like a deflated balloon, then we wake up in the morning and wonder where the air that filled us up came from. We do not possess the power to wake ourselves up, neither do we have the power to put ourselves to sleep.  Whenever that Spirit moves in us early in the morning, we do not have to cross our arms and just give a long sigh. We should acknowledge the grace that we have when the Spirit of God pours through the very breath in our body.  That is the time we should recognize the compassion and the love of the God we serve. That is the time we should lift our voice in Holy adoration of our God most high because every time the Spirit moves within us is a confirmation that He reigns, and He reigns forever.

One more thing about the Spirit of God is that when He moves, things happen.  Like what happened on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2).  Every time the Holy Spirit moves, He is accompanied by signs and wonders.  The very act of the Holy Spirit moving within us is itself a wonder.  Added to this is that the Holy Spirit moving within us is a call to service for us.  It is a call to engage in the work that the Lord has purposed for us.  When the Spirit moves within us, it is a reminder that the Lord still has things for us to do that we have not accomplished yet.  It is a call for us to take up our mantle and be ready to work for God. 

On the day of Pentecost as the Spirit of God began to move amongst the Apostles, God’s presence was manifested amongst them and was symbolized as a violent wind that filled the house that the disciples were in and that settled on each of them like divided tongues of fire. With this wind and fire, the disciples felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and one can say the Spirit moved within them.  They began speaking languages that they did not even know, but these languages began to appeal to the people that had congregated. They could actually understand them.  This is the same call we get daily.  Each time the Spirit of God moves within us, it should cause us to do things we never knew we could do and speak in languages the people of God can understand.  We should speak using different love languages, kindness, patience, compassion, and acts of service.  The Spirit of God moving within us should cause us to understand God’s gift freely given to us for His own glory, and to surrender before Him in holy adoration and recognition that our assignments here are not done yet. 

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