There is this kind of Christianity that seems to be taking over all around the world, especially in Africa.  It looks like people have defined a new “Christianity”. The way I understood Christianity is that there are some folks who are followers of Christ and because they are followers of Christ, they are called Christians.  Now it looks like all that is changing. What we have now are miracle-seekers, and it does not matter what they have to do to get these miracles. This kind of “Christians” only go to Church because of the material things they believe they can get from God.  Some of us go to Church because we are looking for someone who can deal with our enemies for us. Some even go as far as asking God to kill whoever they think is their enemy. The bad part is we do not even know who this enemy is. The fact is God does not conform to our notions of how He should behave, who He should bless or kill and how.

I hate to tar everyone with the same brush here, but for these people, fasting is no longer about the heart, nor is it any more about the spirit. Fasting is about forcing the hands of God to make that breakthrough quick.  So, you will see them fast for 21 days to finish the year, and fast for 70 days to begin the year. The expectation is that the more the fasting the more blessings God will bring. Every action, either going to Church, praying, or fasting, etc., is all about material blessings and no longer about spiritual blessings.  Even when we give in Church, it is so that God can multiply whatever we had given one thousand-fold and not so much about giving willingly and joyfully.

Please do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with fasting, in fact fasting is good.  There is nothing wrong with praying; the word of God instructs us to do so continually, and there is nothing wrong with having great expectations of blessings from God; even the Bible asks us to test God and see.  These are good and dandy, but we cannot make all of these the sole reason we are Christians. Being a Christian is more about our souls than it is about our material blessings. Being a Christian is not about coming to Church to negotiate blessings from God.  In fact, what the word of God says is to “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” So, there is no doubt that God will bless, anyway – materially, physically, spiritually – but the word of God says this should not be our preoccupation.  

We must know who we serve, why we serve Him, and how to serve Him.  We cannot afford to focus on the things God has already told us is secondary.  When we make the minor things the major things in our relationship with God, then we have missed our way and we have lost focus.  Whenever we lose focus we can fall easily in the hands of Satan and his acolytes. Tell me, what kind of blindness makes a man keep going to a Church where the Pastor has already been exposed as staging miracles?  What kind of blindness makes a man to continue worshipping a Pastor who has already been convicted of murder? What kind of Christianity makes a man, in cahoots with his Pastor, offer his own girlfriend as sacrifice to become rich?  

We are all looking for the perfection of all that concerns us in this divine year of perfection, and I know God is set to do great and wonderful things.  We must however remember God’s word for us. When he appeared to Abraham, He told him “I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect” – Genesis 17: 1b.  God ultimately perfected His promises for Abraham. It is again one of those “seek ye first” moments. Walk before God perfect and God will add every other thing unto you.

Brethren, we must not make our Christianity about what we can get from God.  Do not be a transactional Christian. There is no doubt that He will bless, but we must make our Christianity about obedience and about living according to His divine purpose for us.  It is in doing this that we show that we are seeking His Kingdom, and God is set to add all other things unto to us according to His riches in glory. May we always enjoy His grace and mercy – Pastor Simbo Odunaiya

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