March 13th UPDATE

March 13th UPDATE

Brothers and sisters:

I am sure many of you are privy to the announcement from the Governor’s office yesterday tightening the social distancing guidelines.  As at now, gatherings of 100 people or more are banned in Ohio, but Churches are exempted from this ban at present.

For us to continue meeting in our Sanctuary, we need to tighten our rules of engagement until this pandemic blows over.   So, in addition to the attached information we have updated our rules of engagement as follows:

  1. Please follow the CDC guidelines on personal hygiene (Attached)
  2. If you are having any form of cold symptoms, please stay at home and watch the service online
  3. In addition to washing your hands when you use the bathroom, use provided disinfectant wipes to wipe clean the door handles on your way out
  4. Accompany your children to the bathroom and make sure they wash their hands
  5. Hand sanitizers will be provided for your use at the entrance to the Sanctuary, please cooperate by using them any time you need to re-enter the Sanctuary
  6. Please do not shake hands with anyone during our services
  7. Anyone who recently returned from a trip abroad that passed through Europe and Asia Should please stay at home for two weeks from their return date
  8. Please help us to help our community by diligently following the CDC guidelines.

If we notice that these guidelines are being flouted, or are difficult to maintain, we will have no choice but to move our services online.

May the good Lord protect and keep each and everyone of us from the Coronavirus. 

“For we will say of the Lord, “He is our refuge and our fortress, our God, in whom we trust.” Surely, He will save us from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.”  In Jesus name, Amen!

Bro. Simbo