April 2, 2020 Update: Government of Ohio Extends Stay at Home Order

Blessed People of God:

The government of Ohio, today, extended the stay at home order till Friday, May 1, 2020.  It takes effect on Monday April 6, when the old order expires.  The order is essentially similar to the previous one, but it also included some little variations to limit overcrowding in grocery stores and state parks.  The full information can be accessed at  I urge you all to follow these order as they are meant to keep all of us safe.  Please stay at home, and whenever the need arises for you to step out of your homes, make sure you take adequate actions to keep yourself and your families safe.  I suggest that you wear masks, and follow the social distancing guidelines – – every time you step out of your homes.

This extension, again, means that our services will continue online till at least May 1, 2020.  These are tough times for us as believers, we know our faith is not defined by location and is not limited by distance.  We shall continue to worship our God despite the present circumstances.  Let us remain faithful and be fervent in prayer, praying without ceasing.  At the end of this pandemic, our praise will be that “we have counted the soldiers under our command (in the church, in your family, in your workplace), and not one is missing (Numbers 31:49).  And so shall it be, in Jesus wonderful name (Amen!).

Bro. Simbo

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