Foggy Faith

Foggy Faith

Kingdom Conference for the Kingdom Men comes and goes yearly.  It is only beneficial for the Men of the Kingdom if it helps to make our Christian walk better and bring us closer to God. So, our evaluation yardstick yearly is to check whether we are in a better place in our walk with God than where we were during the last Conference.

If anyone is taking note, in every Christian fellowship there are always more women than are men.  And amongst the men we find a preponderance of spiritual fog that seems to have descended over the men.  Fog contains liquid water, but to collect a glass of water from fog one would have to traverse a large area.  Men, compared to women in ministry, always want to do the minimal with their faith.  They exhibit a foggy faith. So, Worship Service on Sunday is mostly women, mid-week Prayer Meetings and Bible Classes are also mostly women. I believe it is time that Kingdom Men begin to take purposeful actions to condense this seemingly foggy faith into a more substantial faith.

God is looking for Kingdom Men to manifest their presence as men who know and see God’s purpose for their lives in God’s Kingdom.  God does not hide His will or purpose from us.  As a matter of fact, He reveals it to us daily, so He expects that we will know it and we will see it. The Bible teaches us that God is always in search of men who could be found faithful.  In 1 Samuel 13:14, Samuel told King Saul that “The Lord has sought out for Himself a man after His own heart and appointed him ruler of His people”.  Before God will give us an assignment, He looks at the heart.  And if the heart is either faithless or full of foggy faith, then we may not be able to fulfill our purpose.  During the days of Prophet Jeremiah, his main refrain was that “There was no man who could be found faithful to the Lord.” God told Jeremiah to run through the streets of Jerusalem and find just one man, “who executes judgment, who seeks the truth…” – Jeremiah 5:1c.  It turns out Jeremiah could not find a single man.  They were all full of foggy faith.  Now that Jesus has come to redeem us, we are not supposed to be like the men in the time of Prophet Jeremiah anymore.

Another Prophet, Ezekiel, brought a message from God in Ezekiel 22:30, that God said, that He was looking for a man who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Him on behalf of the land, so that He would not destroy it; but He found no one. Our God is always looking for faithful men. For whatever reason, we find it difficult to make ourselves available.  Ask yourself, am I that man that God is seeking?  He is looking for that man who is after His heart, a man who executes judgment, a man who seeks the truth, a man who will stand in gap or his people. God is looking for a man who is faithful.  He wants a man who knows why he is here. A man who will walk in the virtues and values of the Kingdom, even as He yields completely to God’s Kingdom agenda. Are you that man?

My brothers and sisters, please understand that what God has called us for is so much bigger than where our foggy faith can carry us.  We have an assignment to set the pace in our homes, in the Church of God, and ultimately in His kingdom.  Our main purpose is not to work 40 hours or 80 hours a week and then let the work get in the way of serving God’s Kingdom.  Our main purpose is not to flick through the TV looking for one sports program or the other.  We are Kingdom Men, so we must be about our father’s Kingdom. Time is of the essence; God is calling us to action now because tomorrow may be too late. There is Kingdom work to do, foggy faith cannot carry us, only solid faith can, and faith cannot come alive unless it is put to action. I pray that we will all have the solid faith to fulfill our purpose in Jesus’ Name and that when this Conference comes around again, we will all be in a better place.

November 20th, 2022 – Pastor Simbo Odunaiya